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Mercedes-Benz SL 300 Gullwing by TONY OSTERMEIER 350.000 € TTC

TypSL 300 Replica (Tony Ostermeier)
Annee de construction1988
Moteur3,4 L AMG
Puissance280 CH
Kilometrage58000 km
Couleur ext.Rouge
Couleur int.Gris

Mr Tony OSTERMEIER built 250 Gullwings in the 80's in California. Most cars have been purchased by original Mercedes 300 SL owners, who prefered to use an Ostermeier one as a daily car instead of the "Museum Gullwing". All the cars were fitted with a 2.8 or 3.0 straight six Mercedes engine / 180 hp. The bodies were made in composite aluminium, the GLARE (Glass Laminated Aluminium Reinforced Epoxy), developed for the aéronautical industry. Only 2 cars were built with the new AMG 3.4 straight six engine, with a desirable 280 hp, which turns it into a real sport car. This car is one of those 2.

During its complete restoration, the original 4 speed automatic gearbox, has been switched with a manual 6 speed. The car had 58.000 km from new, and only 800 km from the complete restoration in 2015. The Ostermeier cars, are the only Gullwing replicas available in the world, built before Mercedes-Benz Company, trademarked the shape of the 300 SL. Since the 80's the Ostermeier Gullwing value, has always been 25% of the original Mercedes Gullwing price. 30 highly detailed pictures on request. German papers.


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